P.Louise See Colour In Your Darkest Days Blusher Palette

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Even in your lowest moments, toughest times and darkest days
Remember there’s always opportunity to open the door to seek colour and brightness in extraordinary new ways
The route might not seem clear and the answers may not be easy to find
Close your eyes, accept adventure and unlock the power of your mind

Three variations of these decadent doors delight your imagination, whether you open up to some loving Lilac and magical mauve, or you outrageously can’t avoid a sneak at peach and orange, or finally if you find yourself drawn to the floral flirt of pink and petal we have truly treasured inviting you in to the caress the colours behind our doors. Including 2 formulas of cream and powder for blushable moments all year round. 


Destinys Door, Love Lane, Secret Garden

There are no reviews yet.

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