P.Louise Go Shawty It’s Your Birthday Mini Palette

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Go Shawty it’s your Birthday, bottoms up make a toast cause babe your feeling thirty 

From 1993 to present day this Pisces baby expressed herself in her own special way

Born to dream and reach for the stars, didn’t stop for nothing even when told she wouldn’t go far 

She broke the rules and didn’t fit the mould but always retained a heart full of gold 

Forever loyal and ready for the next chapter this She-E-O was searching for happily ever after 

Through building her empire and growing her team this birthday girl graduated to confetti queen 

Now Let’s celebrate you this February, everyday is your day when you’re a visionary 

Our Brand new Birthday palette is inspired by the SHE-O herself and all the tones she loves to wear on herself day to night. This marvellously matte palette is the perfect go to, complete with a decadent highlighter and double sided brush what more could you need?

There are no reviews yet.

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