MAKEUP BRUSHES - What's the difference between real hair and faux?

When it comes to our makeup kit, our main focus is often on choosing the perfect foundation base, the most intense highlighting pallet or the blackest of black eyeliner. While these are undoubtedly important to collection, there is another essential element that plays a major role in the application process: makeup brushes!

Today in the makeup community there are so many brands, colours, designs, shapes and sizes to choose from. But most importantly what is a make or break for most people is whether the brush is made from natural or synthetic hair. To break it down for you, natural brushes are made out of some type of animal hair (horses, goats, squirrel etc.), while synthetic brushes are made from synthetic materials such as nylon and polyester. 

While everyone is entitled to their own opinion and choice, we vote a big giant N O to natural hair brushes and believe that synthetic brushes are the only way to go! When to comes to choosing the right tools for your makeup kit it is so important to be educated on the benefits of synthetic products and here are our most important reasons why:


No animals were harmed-

CRUELTY FREE!! Can we say it louder for the people in the back please!! The unfortunate truth is this: ALL animal hair brushes are a product of the cruel fur industry. Fortunately, now, animal rights awareness has been on the rise in recent years and people are becoming a lot more familiar with the horrific treatment of animals within the beauty and cosmetic industry. There is no justifiable reason as to why any animal should have to suffer for the use of products to be ‘safe’ for humans later when we have such incredible technology to create harmless manmade products.

Hygiene 101-

For some people with sensitive skin, using animal hair brushes can lead to allergic reactions and even acne. In this case, synthetic brushes are a much better choice to prevent this from happening as they don’t collect bacteria and germ build up in the bristles. They're also easier to clean and keep clean since the synthetic materials do not trap and absorb too much product (bye-bye product wastage!).


Long lasting-

If you want brushes that will last, invest in a great, quality set of synthetic brushes. The materials used to create them are much more durable than natural hair, so they are less likely to become damaged or snap during the application and cleaning process. Natural brushes on the other hand have to be replaced often since they are more prone to shedding, and over a period of time, the bristles will begin to get sharp and prickly, which can aggravate the skin.


The best things in life are cruelty free!